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allies_s-150The time of talking is over, this is the time to take action and do things differently! Time for local and social entrepreneurship with tons of experiments and prototypes: linking participatory ways of working with social entrepreneurship, linking IT tools with social challenges, linking open source with the current economy etc. We are all entrepreneurs, in one way or another, in service of the commons and the common good.

Every gathering will focus on learning together: learning from our try-outs, being a sounding board for each other, asking deep and challenging questions, asking for help to make a project into reality. Learning is always to get new perspectives on the tasks at hand. We want to understand the power of diversity, the consequences of complexity and what is exactly systemic impact.

Regular meetings, every season, offering a home for radical innovators
for people trying something new,
wanting to enrich each other’s projects,
building our collective wisdom
with our unique contributions
in service of all and everything.
Enjoying it all!

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