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The Art of Hosting is something you can practise anywhere, certainly for meetings, conversations and collective learning processes. In this session we will guide you through the basic principles.

What are all the things you think about and take care of when you invite people for a little party? Lots of decisions and many invisible actions are happening beforehand. In the English language there is a nice word that captures this all: hosting. But you cannot only host parties, also conversations and collective learning processes benefit from good hosting. And it is not the same as ‘facilitating the meeting’. Can you image you would facilitate a dinner with friends or family? Hosting is different, it goes deeper and is beyond facilitation.

The term Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter contains many elements: the convening, inviting, holding and guiding the conversations. This hosting practice and methodology is also known as art of participatory leadership.

In participatory leadership we want, just as in a successful party, that everyone can join in, feels safe and OK.

As a host, you learn:

  • to take care that everyone is really listening to each other
  • to take care that a dialogue can happen from where novel ideas and solutions sprout, so that every participant feels enriched
  • how to learn together, as a collective; be it an organisation, a neighborhood, a school or a company

Art of Hosting is crucial in supporting Agile/lean transformations, both in small and big companies.

In this evening session we will give you an overview of what this participatory leadership entails: mental models, a couple of methodologies like World Café and Appreciative Inquiry and we will give some examples of application.

Date: June 20, 2017
17:30 Welcome with drinks and sandwiches
18:00 Start session
20:30 Approximate end of the session

Location: Oak3, Veldkant 39a, 2250 Kontich – zaal Atlantis

Price: free

RIA BAECK – Spotted Zebras
Ria is passionate about ‘what else is possible?’ – or ‘there is always more potential to realise’. When we are grounded and centered, and engage with each other then novel ideas and projects can happen!

Johan helps people, teams and organisations to get their best work done. As a mentor for conscious collaboration he wants to make a difference in the lives of the people he works with. Through uncovering everyone’s unique potential and encouraging artful participation, conscious, happy and effective collaboration can happen.
Johan started his career as a developer and has led projects with multiple teams in an international context. Since 2008 he started using Agile and Lean techniques especially Scrum and Kanban. Besides working closely with teams, he has a strong interest in different meditation practices and Nature.

IVO BOLS –  Spotted Zebras
Ivo is an entrepreneur at heart. Ivo is active as a strategic consultant. Art of hosting has changed its way of facilitating groups structurally. Ivo would like to make the difference and choose for WIN-WIN-WIN collaborations. His motto is: inner leadership leads to an unexpected flow of creative developments.