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Coaching each other

Anyone who ever has crazy and/or innovative ideas, bumps into the multitude of it: ‘which step can I take now/first?’, ‘is this idea actually good (enough)?’, ‘with whom can I speak my thoughts fully and be heard without prejudice?’. With all these kind of questions – and more – coaching each other or intervision can be of support. An intervision conversation is a conversation with a certain structure (certain format, roles and length of time) where 1 person introduces a subject or question and the other people act as soundboard.

Anyone can participate in an intervision. It takes online place 1x per month with zoom*. More information on this kind of approach can be read here (in Dutch).

When: Every 2nd Monday of the month at 12:15, except in school holidays and on public holidays.
Duration: 1 hour.
Price for the intervision of September 10: free
Price from October to June 2019: 50€

Next calls are on Mondays in 2018: 10/9, 8/10, 12/11, 10/12,
and in 2019 on: 14/1, 11/2, 11/3, 13/5 each time at 12:15

*Zoom-details are sent when you subscribe