I want to become ZEBRA

Becoming a Zebra has several advantanges !

In doing so you

  • have access to all inspiring Zebra Fridays (4x/year),
  • get free vouchers to introduce and bring people along for the first time to a Zebra Friday
  • can join the monthly online Zebra intervision sessions (2nd Monday of the month at 12:15, except school holidays)
  • can also put events, gatherings and trainings on the agenda if it fits “creating more meaningful work” and “having positive impact on society”.
  • receive 2 pins to show off 😉

You receive all this for the yearly contribution of 250€/year (VAT included).

Having said the above: money should not be the reason to hold you back from subscribing and be fully engaged; start a conversation with us if your financial situation is limited.