Creating meaningful workplaces!


of leaders, innovators and civilians
who want to create more meaningful work and more innovative projects
whilst having more positive impact on society.

Spotted Zebras supports in:
building capacity

on new ways of work and organisation.
We organize workshops and trainings on self organisation, complexity and meaningful work.
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finding allies

By looking together at bottlenecks in our projects, we discover new insights and new possibilities for action.
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discovering edges

Get inspired by new ideas and projects that really do things differently. Get to know the people behind the ideas better.
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Extending the commons

How can projects and our work be more of service to the commons – our common good? So that we create more a world we know is possible?!
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Hosted by Percolab

The Spotted Zebras network is hosted and organized by the cooperative Percolab (member of the international Percolab family), who supports individuals, organisations and businesses who are looking for new ways of working together.



Curious what Spotted Zebras is bringing to the world?


weaving this initiative
Ria Baeck
Ria Baeck
Ria is passionate about ‘what else is possible?’ – or ‘there is always more potential to realise’. When we are grounded and centered, and engage with each other then novel ideas and projects can happen!
Ilona Piron
Ilona Piron
Ilona is passionate about online and offline collaboration, about talents-driven communities, about selfawareness and its impact on others, about how this instigates integral leadership and entrepreneurs.
An Baert
An Baert
An is passionate about holding the space where the new feels welcomed & encouraged, about the opportunities embedded in diversity & cross-pollination, about seeing the bigger whole develop when individuals translate their ideas into action.
Ivo Bols
Ivo Bols
Flow manager
Inner leadership leads to an unexpected flow of creative developments.
This is the motto of Ivo. He is a versatile entrepreneur in very different areas.
As a strategic manager he initiates flows and manages these flows towards special results.