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Art of Hosting

Conversations that Matter

One day taster!


The full title of the day – Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter – says it all. It’s about hosting conversations instead of facilitating them. In order to have meaningful conversations around the questions that really matter instead of having debates or endless meetings with no purpose. And also: it is an art, even a worldview, not only a set of practices.

In change work and in movement building, participation is highly valued, but unfortunately not always efficient and effective. How come? Because the design process of how to let earlier conversations feed into the next didn’t receive full attention. It is important to envision how one will build from one meeting to the next.

This is a one-day taster (for a 3-day basic training) build around the question: How to design for and use collective intelligence – & power – in order to bring about sustainable and deep change? Side questions are: When is a participatory approach useful
& when not?


For: people working in NGO’s, civil society + anyone interested in learning more about using the collective intelligence of (big) groups, while building engagement.

Trainers/hosts: Ria Baeck and An Baert

Price: € 250,- (+VAT). If price is holding you from participating, open a conversation with us.

When: May 2nd 13.30 till 18.00 + May 3rd 9.00 – 13.00 (+ lunch)

Where: Transforma BXL

Registration: here

Ria Baeck 0473/502176 –